Discover how to take care of your Self


Develop rich communication with your body


Describe your needs and seek care effectively


The saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" speaks to the small regular practices that combine to bolster our health and wellbeing. What's your next daily apple?

You probably already take good care of yourself. You make thoughtful food choices, stay active, prioritize sleep, balance your work and your life — yet something's not working anymore. The care our bodies need changes, and symptoms are the body's messages.

What is your body asking for?

Acknowledging symptoms and asking for care can stir up judgement, emotions, and other struggles that get in the way of caring for ourselves.

Wouldn't it be great if we all had someone to talk through it all with?

Self-loving, not self-sacrificing

I didn't find it easy to get enough of these conversations in-depth from friends, family or providers.

I can accompany you as you uncover what your body craves to restore balance, so you can make changes to care for yourself that feel good, wholesome, genuine, and authentic

Sessions styles to choose from

  • thorough listening, a.k.a trauma energy coaching
  • symptom discovery: detailed, body-loving interview to observe yourself even better
  • biology conversations: choosing self care activities, making sense of lab results, provider visits, and provider recommendations

Come back to balance

While I explore the niche for this work, I'm offering a five-session package for $75 total.

Reach out to me for a 15-min call and see if we're right to work together.