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TaxonTree is an interface designed to provide good information access to biodiversity databases - databases with hierarchically organized information and associated content, such as distribution maps, literature, photos..... It started life as SpaceTree.

The TaxonTree application attempts to provide an integrated searching/browsing interface for learning about the structure of the animal branch of the tree of life, and for retrieving online information relevant to a given node. Because it provides a structure for accessing the content of many pages on the Tree of Life website and Animal Diversity Web, TaxonTree could be interpreted as an alternate navigation method for these websites.

The branches unfold as the user navigates down them, showing the children of each node. In one mode, the synapomorphies - the characters that distinguish that branch of the tree - are visible on the internode line. Named nodes include common names, and often have hyperlinks to other online resources, such as Tree of Life or Animal Diversity Web.

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The TaxonTree tree display of the animals, starting close to the root of the tree, and showing the characters that define each branch.


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The TaxonTree tree display of the search results for the term "lasiurus":yellow boxes show that "lasiurus" has been found in three parts of the tree, once as a genus name and also in two species names. The structure of the tree connecting these found nodes is still available for interaction to the left of the viewing window, although it is hidden in this screenshot.

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